Welcome to the FAQ lexicon.  The words in the following list are
included here as a guide to their counterparts in various languages.  To attempt to
give the different meaning of each and every word in each and every situation for
various countries or indeed to list who ranks above or below or next to whom
would create a very lengthy section.  For example,  the word "duke" has different
interpretations depending on the country in which it finds itself: there are royal
(HRH The Duke of York, in Great Britain, SAR le duc d'Orléans, in France),
noble dukes
(His Grace The Duke of Norfolk, in Great Britain, le duc d'Harcourt,
in France), sovereign dukes (HRH Duke of Parma, in what is now Italy), so on
and so forth.  

Some words are mere translations and do not necessarily indicate that they actually
existed as a title (for example: Vizegraf is German for Viscount but it has never
existed as a German title unlike the British or French versions). Further, while certain
words are not in the Lexicon, this does not mean they did not exist (Erbgraf, which
is German for Hereditary Count, for example).  

Last updated on: 2 June 2004

Compiled By:

Yvonne Demoskoff

Contributions By:

Dimitry Macedonsky, Noel S. McFerran, Mark Anthony Rodriguez and
Gilbert von Studnitz.


Copyright (c) 1998, 2004 by François Velde.  All rights reserved.


Note:  eight languages are showcased (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, Dutch and Russian). They are displayed in groups of three tables which are
divided into three or four languages:  

Table I: English, French, German

Table II: English, Italian, Spanish

Table III: English, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian ___________________________________________________________________





Archduchess archiduchesse Erzherzogin
Archduchy archiduché Erzherzogtum
Archduke archiduc Erzherzog
Baron baron Freiherr, Baron,  Edler Herr
Baroness baronne Freifrau (Freiherrin),
Baronin (Baroness),

Edler Herrin

Barony baronnie Freiherrschaft
Burgrave burgrave Burggraf
Burgraviate burgraviat Burggraftum
Burgravine burgravine Burggräfin
Count: see Earl    
Count Palatine comte palatin Pfalzgraf
Countess comtesse Gräfin
County: see Earldom    
Crown Prince prince héritier Kronprinz
Crown Princess princesse héritière Kronprinzessin
Duchess duchesse Herzogin
Duchy duché Herzogtum
Duke duc Herzog
Earl comte Graf
Earldom comté Grafschaft (Graftum)
Elector électeur Kurfürst
Electorate électorat Kurfürstentum
Electress électrice Kurfürstin
Emperor empereur Kaiser
Empire empire Kaiserreich
Empress impératrice Kaiserin
Grand Duchess grande-duchesse Grossherzogin,
Grossfürstin (Russian G.D.)
Grand Duchy grand-duché Grossherzogtum
Grand Duke grand-duc Grossherzog,
Grossfürst (Russian G.D.)
Heir héritier Erbe
Heiress héritière Erbin
Highness altesse Hoheit
Illustrious Highness altesse illustrissime Erlaucht
Imperial Highness altesse impériale Kaiserliche Hoheit
King roi König
Kingdom royaume Königreich
Knight chevalier Ritter
Landgrave landgrave landgraf
Landgraviate landgraviat landgrafentum
Landgravine landgravine landgräfin
Majesty majesté Majestät
Marchioness marquise Markgräfin
Marquess marquis Markgraf
Marquessate marquisat Markgrafschaft
Noble noble Adelig
Nobleman noble Adliger
Noblewoman noble Adlige
Palatinate palatinat Pfalz
Prince prince Fürst, Prinz
Prince Consort prince consort Prinzgemahl
Princess princesse Fürstin, Prinzessin
Principality principauté Fürstentum
Queen reine Königin
Royal Highness altesse royale Königliche Hoheit
Serene Highness altesse sérénissime Durchlaucht
Viscount vicomte Vizegraf (Vicomte)
Viscountcy vicomté Vicomteschaft
Viscountess vicomtesse Vizegräfin (Vicomtesse)
Wildgrave   Wildgraf





Archduchess arciduchessa archiduquesa
Archduchy arciducato archiducado
Archduke arciduca archiduque
Baron barone barón
Baroness baronessa baronesa
Barony baronia baronía
Burgrave burgravio  
Burgraviate burgraviato  
Count: see Earl    
Count Palatine conte palatino  
Countess contessa condesa
County: see Earldom    
Crown Prince principe ereditario príncipe heredero
Crown Princess principessa ereditaria princesa heredera
Duchess duchessa duquesa
Duchy ducato ducado
Duke duca duque
Earl conte conde
Earldom contea condado
Elector elettore elector
Electorate elettorato electorado
Electress elettrice electriz
Emperor imperatore emperador
Empire imperio imperio
Empress imperatrice emperatriz
Grand Duchess granduchessa granduquesa
Grand Duchy granducato granducado
Grand Duke granduca granduque
Heir erede heredero
Heiress erede heredera
Highness altezza alteza
Illustrious Highness altezza illustre alteza ilustre
Imperial Highness altezza imperiale alteza imperial
King re rey
Kingdom regno reino
Knight cavaliere caballero
Landgrave langravio langrave
Landgraviate   langraviato
Majesty maestà majestad
Marchioness marchesa marquesa
Marquess marchese marquès
Marquessate marchesato marquesado
Noble nobile noble
Nobleman nobile noble
Noblewoman nobile mujer noble
Palatinate Palatinato Palatinado
Prince principe príncipe
Prince Consort principe consorte príncipe consorte
Princess principessa princesa
Principality principato principado
Queen regina reina
Royal Highness altezza reale alteza real
Serene Highness altezza serenissima alteza sereno
Viscount visconte vizconde
Viscountcy viscontado vizcondado
Viscountess viscontessa vizcondesa






Archduchess archiduquesa aartshertogin ertsgertsoginya
Archduchy archiducado aartshertogdom ertsgertsogstvo
Archduke archiduque aartshertog ertsgertsog
Baron barao baron baron
Baroness baronesa barones baronessa
Barony   baronie baronstvo
Burgrave   see Viscount burggraf
Burgraviate   see: Viscountcy burggrafstvo
Burgravine   see: Viscountess burggrafinya
Count: see Earl      
Count Palatine     paltsgraaf
Countess   gravin grafinya
see Earldom
Crown Prince principe hereditario kroonprins kronprints
Crown Princess principe hereditario kroonprinses kronprintsessa
Duchess duquesa hertogin gertsoginya
Duchy ducado hertogdom gertsogstvo
Duke duque hertog gertsog
Earl conde graaf graf
Earldom condado graafschap grafstvo
Elector   keurvorst furfjurst or
Electorate   keurvorstendom kurfjurshestvo
Electress   keurvorstin kurfjurstina or
Emperor imperador keizer imperator
Empire imperio keizerrijk imperiya
Empress imperatriz keizerin imperatritsa
Grand Duchess
granduquesa groothertogin velikaya gertsoginya
Grand Duchess
velikaya knyaginya
(wife); velikaya
knyaznha (daughter)
Grand Duchy granducado groothertogdom velikoje gertsogstvo
Grand Duke
granduque groothertog velikiy gertsog
Grand Duke
velikiy kniaz
Heir herdeiro erfgenaam naslednick
Heiress herdeira erfgename naslednitsa
Highness   hoogheid wysotchestvo
Illustrious Highness     siyatelstvo
Imperial Highness   keizerlijke hoogheid imperatorskoye
King rei koning korol
Kingdom reinado koninkrijk korolyevstvo
Knight cavaleiro ridder rytsar
Landgrave   landgraaf landgraf
Landgraviate   landgraafschap landgrafstvo
Landgravine   landgravin landgrafinya
Majesty   majesteit velitchestvo
Marchioness marquesa markiezin markiza
Marquess marques markies markiz
Marquessate marquesado markizaat markizat
Noble   edelman dvoryanin
Nobleman   edelman dvoryanin
Noblewoman   edelvrouw dvoryanka
Palatinate   paltsgraafschap palatinat
Prince (European) principe prins prints
Prince (Russian)     kniaz
Prince Consort principe consorte prinsgemaal prints-suprug
princesa prinses princessa
    knyaginya (wife);
knyazhna (daughter)
Principality principado prinsdom knyazhestvo
Queen rainha koningin koroleva
Royal Highness   koninklijke hoogheid korolevskoye
Serene Highness   doorluchtige hoogheid svetlost
Viscount visconde burggraaf vickont
Viscountcy viscondado burggraafschap  
Viscountess viscondessa burggravin vickontesa

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